Collection of Users’ Personal Information

When you register for Paper Submission System and Registration System services on this site, we may ask for personal information to identify specific individual. This consists of information such as your name, nationality, postal address, employer, attending school name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

Also, when you use this service after registering, the POF2022 Organizing Committee will acquire usage history such as paper submission, registration of attendance, etc. in association with information that can identify the user.

Use of Collected Personal Information

POF2022 Organizing Committee will save and use the collected personal information within the limit of authorized and lawful activities of POF2022. POF2022 Organizing Committee will use the collected personal information according to this Privacy Policy. Purposes of use are as follows; 
  1. For authenticating the person who registers as the registered user at logging in or after logging when using this service. 
  1. For automatically displaying registered information to allow users to view and confirm usage status of this service on each screen for various information. 
  1. For responding to inquiries from users, and for inquiries from users to the POF2022 Organizing Committee. 
  1. For confirming the registered information of users and sending information to users related to POF2022.

Disclosure to Third Party of Collected Personal Information

POF2022 Organizing Committee will not disclose to any third party the collected personal information to be able to identify individuals, except for the following three instances: 
  1. Where disclosure is required, based on legal ground; 
  1. where a consent by the user has been specifically given to disclose to third party, when personal information was collected; or 
  1. where certain personal information is disclosed to an employee or other staff of POF2022 Organizing Committee or other contracting party to the extent that such disclosure is needed to render certain service to the user from POF2022 Organizing Committee. In this case, POF2022 Organizing Committee will take the reasonable steps and measures to prevent collected personal information from being incidentally disclosed to third party.


POF2022 Organizing Committee will endeavor to safeguard the collected personal information from missing, leaking, misuse, alteration or destruction, through reasonable security measures. Please note that it is impossible to assure absolute and perfect security measures.

Retention Period

The POF2023 Organizing Committee retains the personal information of the user as long as it is necessary to provide this service to the user, but when it is no longer necessary, it will be promptly erased.

Changes of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated or changed from time to time. When updated or changed, it will be posted on this website.